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The Silver Ship Studio Residence of professor Emeritus Eugene Ray, MFA, Architect of La Jolla California has been published and or exhibited in France, Italy, England, Japan, Brazil, Scotland, Mexico, Switzerland and the USA.


In 1981 it was published in Italy’s Premier Architectural journal “Domus”.  In 1985 Japan’s finest professional journal, A+U., devoted 4 pages to several of Professor Ray’s architectural prototypes including the Silver Ship. During the same year the Silver Ship was selected from 400 applicants to be exhibited in the Paris Biennale one of the most prestigious architectural exhibitions in the world.


The Rudolph Steiner institute in Switzerland, The Aspen Design Conference in Colorado and The Architecture Association in London all hosted presentations and exhibitions of the Silver Ship. (The latter famous as the finest architectural school in Europe).


The Unique qualities of the Silver Ship Sports House prototype were also presented at the international design conference in Brazilia in 1996, The University of Southern California, in 1995 and Glasgow Scotland in 1994.


Similar Presentations and Exhibitions of the unique structure were made at many other universities, conferences and publications including the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation at Scotsdale Arizona during the 1980’s and 1990’s.


Situated in beautiful La Jolla California on a prominent and spectacular mount Soledad site the 3000 Square Foot 3 Story spacious and well lighted studio and residence possesses Two large 25 foot by 40 foot long studios with 10 foot high ceilings – the studio on the 3rd floor posses a unique Lamella structured vaulted roof and large doors that open onto the roof decks with breathtaking views (the western one to the Pacific Ocean about a mile away and 400 feet below).


The house is instantly cooled during the summer via venturi action when the roof deck doors are opened. Two of the 4 bedrooms posses balconies with impressive views.  The bathrooms are bi partal with roman sunken tubs in the second rooms.


The living room, dining room and kitchen are contiguous with green house fenestration windows that hinge up while large movable awnnings control sky glare. The castlelated nature of verticalised studio residence is reflected in the circular plasticity of the inner and outer structure.


The openness of the inner volume can be traced to long span structure provided by two 40 foot long and 10 foot High Steel gusseted 3 inch by 12 inch double wood bridge trusses supporting open web exposed steel and wood bars joists 24 inch On .centre supporting the 11/8” struct 1 plywood structural floor diaphram


(The Silver Ship designed by Professor Ray was engineered by La Jolla engineer J.K Falstad and possesses structural shear walls, a concrete 1st floor slab for lateral shear resistance and stepped concrete footings ).


Professor Ray’s wife died in 2003 and his 3 children have now grown and moved away. He seeks a new owner for the silver ship who will appreciate and nurture this unique structure.


The asking price is 2 Million US Dollars.


The residence possesses a garden terrace and 3 car cantilevered parking deck.


Please contact Professor Eugene Ray Phone 001 858 292 5309


6258 Caminito Deloeste

San Diego

Ca 92111